About Us

MY Design, Inc. was founded in 1996 with the goal of combining creative and technical disciplines into one full-service design organization.  Since its inception, MY Design has developed projects in the United States, Europe and the Pacific Rim.  Project venues include attractions, museum exhibits, branding, restaurants and retail opportunities.  In our projects, we incorporate a dedication to understanding and working with cultural diversity, and an ongoing commitment to environmental issues.

Our creative staff has experience designing for, and integrating with, ride and show specialists, branding teams, resort developers, exhibit managers, and concept architects. Our technical services group is staffed by CTS/ACE certified technicians, and our integrated technical systems are UL inspected and approved.

The combination of creative and technical resources allows us to provide completely thought-out and integrated solutions to our clients.  This unified productivity often results in R&D, prototyping, and proof-of-concept exercises designed to push the boundaries of today’s technologies and materials.  It also provides the basis for out-of-the-box thinking and integration with products and services from disciplines not typically associated with entertainment or experience venues.

MY Design is located in Orlando, Florida, an area known for its creative resources for entertainment and experiential design industries.

Our approach to projects is influenced by the experiences of our principal owners, who take an active role in each project.

Our Principals

Michael Yager Creative Director/Principal Owner

Michael has over 20 years of design experience and has consulted on a variety of national and international projects.  These projects range in scope from international expositions such as the KIA Automotive Pavilion for the 1993 Expo in Taijon, Korea, to business development and brand strategies as demonstrated by the new Boeing 787 Dream)Liner Gallery in Everett, Washington.  Michael has also designed a variety of experiences that range from special events and theatrical presentations to complex permanent attraction installations.  This includes such diverse venues as theme parks, corporate brand experiences, and specialty retail and restaurant design.

Mark Mazzanti Technical Director/Principal Owner

Mark has a diverse background that includes commercial construction, music production, and show technical systems design.  As the Technical Director for MTV Recreation, Mark was responsible for developing kid-proof interactive elements for use on air and as free-standing exhibits in environments such as SONY Wonders in New York City.  Mark’s accomplishments include a diverse array of projects that range from the highly scientific and immersive presentation at the Hayden Planetarium, to developing interactivity around the one-of-a-kind historical artifacts in the Hard Rock Vault, Orlando.  Mark has also served as a consultant and designer of special effects, audio/video systems and show control systems for projects in the United States and abroad.