Our Approach


MY Design, Inc. specializes in the design and development of specialty immersive experiences for a wide variety of venues. From museums and science centers to attractions, shows, specialty retail and restaurant applications, MY Design provides creative and technical expertise to bring any project from concept to reality.

Our sister company, MAYAD, Inc.’s primary focus is system integration, installation and programming (audio, video and control). Additionally this company provides specialty exhibit development services, effects fabrication, specialty lighting (non-architectural) implementation and programming, as well as installation services for all of the above.

How We Work

MY Design is an “experiential design” firm. We believe that there is a story at the heart of every experience, so that’s where we like to begin. It’s the story that creates a sense of cohesiveness and makes the experience memorable. Sometimes the story is tangible and identifiable. Other times it is more subtle. Either way, we think it is important, because Guests (a.k.a. your clients) know when it is missing.

At MY Design, we believe that one of the most important things we can bring to your project is our focus on the “Guest experience.” You may have noticed that we like to use a capital “G” when referring to your Guests. This is so that, together, we are always mindful that our goal is to create a great Guest experience.

MY Design specializes in creating unique experiences for corporate branding, museums, attractions, restaurants, and retail environments. The concept of “multi-disciplinary efforts” is key to our approach. We believe that every experience is greater than the sum of the individual disciplines that it takes to develop a project from a blue-sky idea to brick and mortar reality. It is part of our approach to bring all opportunities of a project to your attention.

The Multi-Disciplinary Way

MY Design’s approach to projects is “multidisciplinary”. Because we believe that everything that affects or touches the Guests (directly or indirectly) is important, we embrace the potential contributions of all aspects of a project, from the orchestration of the physical space to special visual, audio, and even olfactory effects.

In fact, MY Design can act as consultants for disciplines we do not perform in-house, from the basic architectural vision to final hardscape and softscape solutions, creating opportunities for each element to support and enhance the overall Guest experience.

We then use a variety of interactive storytelling and immersive presentation techniques to bring your experience to life. These techniques may be as complex as electronic and mechanical special effects, or as simple as the most appropriate color palette for your paint scheme.

From scenic and architectural detailing to sound and video, specialty lighting options, and effects hardware, MY Design will develop your project as an integrated package that coordinates operational soundness with maintainability.

What We Can Do For You

Projects are complex. Likely as not, it is going to take the help and hard work of many professionals, from architects to general laborers, to complete your project. We believe that it is part of our job to anticipate the needs and requirements of not only owners and operators, but of our fellow teammates who will work with us as we bring the idea of your project to reality.

MY Design can provide turnkey developmental services, working with you from start to finish on a project. We can coordinate other project disciplines, and make sure that everyone knows everything that they need to, to make your project’s construction and opening go as smooth as possible.


MY Design can provide specialized support in a number of different project areas. Please check out our Services area to see what we have to offer.

Our Philosophy

At MY Design, we know that every project and every client is unique. We also know that the very best projects rely on teamwork. Our goal is simple:

MY Design strives to work with you to realize the highest potential your project can achieve within your budget and schedule, while at the same time promoting a helpful and friendly environment for teamwork.

Take a look at the projects that we’ve highlighted on this site. We think the quality of our work is the best endorsement of our philosophy.