Boeing 787 Dreamliner Gallery

  • Dreamliner Gallery Exterior
  • Lobby Reception Area
  • Large Format Wall Mural
  • Seat Gallery
  • In-flight Entertainment Display
  • Galley Insert Display
  • Life Size Galley Configurator
  • Presentation Theater

Client: Walter Dorwin Teague & Associates, Representing Boeing Commercial Airplane Group

Description: 54,000 square foot interactive aircraft configuration and product center. Airline guests who have purchased a 787 Dreamliner aircraft select their interior equipment from displayed offerings, and virtually configure individual aircraft per their brand and use requirements.

Design and Production Services Provided: Conceptual, Schematic, and Development design for facility interiors, exhibits, custom furnishings, graphics and signage, interactive elements, audio, video, control, and special lighting effects. Turnkey production/procurement of all non-facility interior and exhibit elements, including custom furniture, exhibits, specialty lighting, graphics and signage. Specialty programming for all user interfaces, including lighting systems, multimedia systems, and theater systems.