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  • Alan Shepard Apollo 14 EVA Spacesuit
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Client: Delaware North Park Services, Inc., Representing Kennedy Space Center

Description: High-end exhibit environment showcasing artifacts from the Apollo space program, many having flown to the moon and back. Casework built to Smithsonian-acceptable standards, as many artifacts are on loan from the National Air and Space Museum collection. Casework includes humidity and temperature controls, UV/IR filtered fiber optic lighting, and environmental recording sensors and recording hardware.

Design Services Provided: Master Planning, Conceptual and Schematic design for exhibit interior, graphics and signage, exhibit casework and gallery lighting.

Production Services Provided: Turn-key design/build and installation services for all exhibit elements, inclusive of casework, interpretive graphics, specialty scenic work, and exhibit lighting. Over one mile of fiber optic cable was installed to support gallery lighting requirements.