National Museum of Crime & Punishment

  • NMCP Autopsy Interactive
  • NMCP Lobby
  • NMCP Pirate Gallery
  • NMCP Bonnie & Clyde
  • NMCP  Crack-A-Safe
  • NMCP Assassinations-Interactive
  • NMCP Booking
  • NMCP Prison
  • NMCP Ballistics Interactive
  • NMCP Footprint Interactive
  • NMCP Crime Media
  • NMCP Americas Most Wanted
  • NMCP Americas Most Wanted Set

Client: National Museum of Crime and Punishment

Description: Museum attraction highlighting historical, cultural, and scientific aspects of crime and criminology. Static displays, artifacts, and interactive elements showcase various topics that range from historic crime stories, the science of criminal investigation, and the training of modern police officers. The NMCP is also the home of “America’s Most Wanted”, and guests can venture through the working production sets.

Production Services Provided: Design, fabrication, and installation services for all museum mechanical interactive elements. Layout and production of over 1000 interpretive graphics and large format photomurals using research material provided by others.

Photo Credits: All images courtesy of BDR Architecture and Design, who were also responsible for overall planning and design of this venue, in conjunction with Idletime Network, Inc.